Vol. 26~ March 27th

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


First of all thanks to 4th and 5th grade teachers for you hard work in preparing students for testing on Monday and Tuesday! I know our kids will do a great job! Thanks to the campus for trading rooms and being flexible for our testing. Irvin rocks!

I know that our teachers are being taught how to fish daily instead of just being fed daily. Teaching kids how to think is harder but has greater results than just teaching material. Seeing students discover their own learning is heart warming. Students who are taught to think will be more successful not only in class, on tests, but also in life. Happy Friday!

Ring the Bell!

Thank you to Blaire, Allison, Angela, Jennifer Siebert and Lori for attending the PTV dinner, auction and dance Saturday night. Thanks to all those who donated desserts!

Thanks to Robert Lathan for a conversation he had with a parent so her students could be in class pictures. Miracle worker.......

Kinder and 5th grades have already completed the Irvin Writing Reflection Form. Way to go!!!

We are so good we did a fire drill and a shelter in place in one day. Yay us!!! :)~

Important Dates

March 30th

  • Our campus will be closed all week due to testing. No visitors for lunch or parent volunteers. No LEAP this week.
  • 4th grade writing test Day 1

March 31st

  • 5th grade Reading STAAR
  • 4th grade Writing Day 2
  • Grades Due

April 1st

  • STAAR make ups if needed

April 2nd

  • Lead teacher meeting 3:15
  • Children's Literature Day
  • Guided Reading Levels Due to Google Spreadsheet

April 3rd

  • Regular school day
  • Report card day

April 6th

  • Kinder round up 9-2 (all week)

April 7th

  • Faculty Meeting 3:15

April 8th

  • 2nd Grade CBA#4
  • Science STAAR Simulation
  • Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

April 9th

  • Kinder program 1:45/7:00
  • Name Yourself Day

April 10th

  • Encourage a Young Writer Day

Assessment Calendar