The American Revolution

Chase Waterman

Thomas Jefferson on the British Tea Party

"the British set high taxes on us, when we protested; they sent troops. At one protest the British even fired upon the protesters. We were sick of it, one night the Sons of Liberty went out to the Boston Harbor and we dumped a whole shipment of tea! I think that got our point across; No taxation without representation!"

George Washington on the Battle of Yorktown

"The battle of Yorktown was the last battle of the war. We teamed up with the French to attack the British. The British ended up surrendering and we won, it was simple. Well, actually it was very complicated. The French had to come in at the perfect time to help us win, not too early not too late. The only problem is we had no communication with them. But, they ended up coming in at the perfect time and general Cornwallis surrendered!"