By: Andrew Powell

Misc Info

The Capital is Quito, other major cities are Guayaquil, Cuenca, Machara, and Manta.

Ecuador was controlled by Spain and became independent in 1830.

The official language is Spanish. Their flag is yellow, blue, and red with an Eagle and a mountain in the middle on a stand.

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Politics and Economy

Ecuador's current leader is Rafael Correa. They have a representative democracy.

They use the U.S dollar as their currency. Their economic system is capitalism.

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Geography and Tourism

Ecuador is located on the west northern coast of South America on the equator, hence the name Ecuador.

Some of the main tourist attractions are the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon jungle.

Quito and Guayaquil are some of the cities tourists should visit. There is a giant church in the city of Cuenca.

The Best Part - Fun Facts

1. Garbage trucks play music like ice cream trucks do in the U.S.

2. Guinea pig is considered a delicacy

3. You are not allowed to import a car that is over a year old into Ecuador

4. Voting is mandatory for citizens aged 18-65, for all others it is optional

5. Marigolds and Lilies are only used at funerals

6. Ecuador was the first country in the world to waive the death penalty

7. To obtain a residence in Ecuador, all you need to do is deposit $25000 into any Ecuador bank and then you can live their forever

8. Before they used USD, their currency was Sucre, named after to Bolivian capital

9. 15% of the worlds birds live in Ecuador

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