Political Revolutions

Political revolutions throughout history.

Why a Revolution?

Political revolutions have taken place throughout history and all around the world. Political revolutions often take place because of a corrupt government or because the citizens feel they are not being treated or represented properly. There are both costs and benefits to every revolution and sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs and sometimes they do not. Regardless of the benefits and costs of any specific revolution, every political revolution will act as a major turning point for the country. Changes will come with a revolution and the people both experiencing it and learning about it will remember how a country changed after a revolution.

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American Revolution

The colonies were proud to be British at first. However, after the French and Indian war King George III lost a great deal of money by supporting his army. In an attempt to pay off his debt, the king imposed expensive taxes on the colonists. The colonists did not like to have to pay for things that had once been free. They began to protest. One way that the colonists protested was by dumping tea into the harbor. This act of rebellion became known as the Boston Tea Party. Several more "Acts" were imposed by the king in response to the Boston Tea Party and this sparked a revolution. The colonists were fed up with the high taxes. The citizens began to prepare for an "inevitable battle." After much time and deaths, the colonists eventually gained their freedom and independence from Britain and became America.