Royals News

December 15, 2020

Safety Drill Conducted

Holy Angels Families:

The safety of your child and all children in our school as well as the safety of the school staff and support personnel is very important to us. In order to maintain a safe environment for our children to study and learn, it is necessary that we practice our emergency and crisis response plans by having drills designed to exercise our procedures.

Today, in order to fulfill a requirement of the Department of Justice, we had a lockdown drill. The teachers were prepped for it during our last Staff meeting. It was an unknown person/intruder in the building. The intruder did not have a weapon. The teachers had to close & lock the classroom doors, pull the door shade, and the students were to stay in their seats quietly. The procedures outlined in our Emergency Operations Plan were followed.

Our intention is not to scare students, but we do want them to be aware that this is a drill designed to help us remain safe if our school is ever faced with an active intruder. It is our purpose to communicate our safety procedures to staff and students and have them practice the drill together. We will then gather feedback to make sure we have the most effective procedures in place.

We will have another drill in the Spring. This drill will be communicated to you all before it is conducted.



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