Hoot Hoot Herald

January 23, 2015 -- Edition 12

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the teachers who have sent out messages to our parents about the Follett Challenge. We are currently in 4th place. I want you to know though that even if we aren't the top vote getter, we still stand to win some prizes/money for our school. Please keep up the support and vote daily. GO DOSS OWLS!

Owl's Nest:

We are in desperate need of both boys and girls clothing -- sizes 7-12.

Also, socks are needed in all sizes for boys and girls.

Thank you in advance for anything you can donate.

Flu Season!

Please remind kids to wash hands! It's a good idea to use your wipes to clean the doorknobs and desktops. I have asked the custodians to pay extra attention to classroom cleaning at this time.


I need to complete your PDAS observation by February 13th. Please sign up with Adriana if I have not yet observed. Some of you area waiting on paperwork from me--that should be completed and in your box by next Wednesday.


This is a gentle reminder to input your grades weekly. If a child has a 50 or lower on an assignment, please let them make up the assignment for up to a 70. This is district policy.

Also, please be very careful while weighting assignments in the online gradebook. We noticed that some scores were accidentally counted 8 x or more by a teacher last nine weeks.

Custodial Needs

I have heard some reports of rooms not being appropriately cleaned. If you feel like this is true for your pod, portable, and/or classroom, would you please email me and Lindsey the details? We'd like to remedy these untidy situations.


Just a reminder that the Testing and data entry window for Aimsweb is Jan.5th-Feb. 6th. Please let me know if you have any questions about data entry or the testing of MAZE/ CBRM. Remember, students falling in the bottom 25th percentile on MAZE (National Norms) will need to be tested with CBRM (Fluency).​ I would recommend that you chart your data as soon as you administer the MAZE to get an idea for how many students you will need to reassess with fluency (CBRM) as this assessment is longer and must be administered one on one. If you have a large number of students to test please let me know and I will help you out.

Thanks as always for being on top of this!


From Your Counselors:

We want to let you know about our next No Place for Hate activity. This year, we will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week February 9th-13th!! Your counselors will be providing you with specific activities to use with your students, but please feel free to add ideas and activities to this week. https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/rak-week We will kickoff the week with a whole school assembly on the after noon of February 6th--specific details coming soon!

Mark your calendars ~ February 12th! Fun with Chemistry 2nd-5th Grade:

For all those 2nd -5th classes interested, on February 12th, our students will be visited by Dr. Kate Biberdorf from the Fun with Chemistry community outreach program that is provided by the Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. In the hour-long presentation, students will discuss the fundamental principles of chemistry through various sensory stimulating demonstrations (e.g. explosions, liquid nitrogen ice cream, the production of slime, and instant snow). A few of the properly dressed students (i.e. long pants and closed-toe shoes) will be asked to assist Dr. B with some of the experiments. The lecture will conclude with a chemistry-themed circus designed to inspire students to focus on science and pursue a career in a chemistry-related field!

The schedule is as follows:

8:15am-9:15am - 2nd, 4th

9:25am-10:25am - 3rd, Perce's 4th, 5th

Hope to see you there with your class!

Spring Conferences Coming Up:


A) Any student who is having academic or behavioral difficulty

B) Any student whose parent requests a conference

C) Any student that you are considering retaining

D) ALL GT students.


Spring Conferences


Your window for completing the conferences is February 3rd- February 20th. The actual conference day is February 16.


A) If you would like for an administrator to attend, please let us know. We are more than happy to join you.

B) If the students is in the 504 program, please invite the appropriate Assistant Principal and it can serve as a 504 meeting.

C) Please turn in all conference forms to Pat by March 1st.

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 26, Monday - Faculty Meeting/please bring your laptops

Jan. 28, Wednesday - Science Fair

Jan. 30, Friday - Doss Daughter Dance

Feb. 2, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Feb. 6, Friday - First Friday

Feb. 6, Friday - Kick off of Random Kindness Week - All school assembly on Track @ 2:10

Feb. 9, Monday - Team Leads Meeting

Feb. 12, Thursday - CAC

Feb. 9-13, Monday-Friday - RAK Week

Feb. 16, Monday - Spring Conferences

Feb. 21, Saturday - Regional Science Fair

Feb. 23, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Look Whooo's Having a Birthday:

2-3 ~ Craig Mosby

2-9 ~ Katarina Miller

2-16 ~ Tina Folts

2-19 ~ Beverly Throm

2-23 ~ Adriana Casarez

Happy birthday from "Owl" of Us!!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the Week:

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn. Involve me and I remember."

-Benjamin Franklin