Power of Perseverance

Written by: Kara Webb

Ashes Of Roses- Sequence

Rose has gone through a lot of perseverance because she lived on her own in a different country while trying to take care of her sister.
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One For the Murphy's- Descriptive

Carley goes into foster care after her mom ends up in the hospital because of her boyfriend. Mrs. Murphy the foster is too perfect to Carley. When Carley realizes that that's what a mother is supposed to be like she is angry with her mom. Throughout this whole time with her foster family Carley has to deal with a new school, acceptance and her mother. Carley perseveres through a lot during this book.

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Jackie Robinson- Problem and Solution

Jackie Robinson was an African-American baseball player. During the time Jackie played baseball there was a color barrier and African-Americans would be mocked. Branch Rickey, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers wanted that to end so he had asked Jackie to play on the Brooklyn National League Club to show that African-Americans should be treated the same way as whites. Since Robinson was so good at baseball Branch Rickey thought he was the best candidate to play for his team. Mr. Rickey had asked Jackie if he had the courage to play on the team. The reason why was because Jackie Robinson would have to face many people mocking him and yelling at him. Jackie signed the contract and had broken the color barrier the first time he played the game. Mr. Robinson needed to persevere through all of the prejudice people. After he died people knew him as a very brave man. This just shows how perseverance can help you achieve many goals in your life.

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Kid President- Compare and Contrast

Robby Novak, also known as kid president has a condition called osteogenisis. This causes him to break his bones easily. So far he has broken 70 bones in his entire life. He has to be careful when doing things that other kids can do without worrying about breaking a bone. Here is how kids who don't have this condition are compared to Robby. They can play like normal kids without being to careful with maybe breaking a bone. They don't have to go to a hospital every 13 weeks to get a pamidronate infusion. This helps with decreasing the breakage of bones. As you can see by comparing Robby Novak to other kids he perseveres through a lot ever since he was born he even had to persevere. Robby is very brave for sticking with all that he has had to go through.

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Losing to Win- Cause/effect

Students at Carol Academy are sent because they got into trouble. Some of the girls went onto the basketball team. It helps them to get rid of all the worries that they have in the day. The basketball team is a family to them.
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