Julius Caesar

One of the greatest military leaders of all time

Basic Information

  • July 12, 100 BC- March 15, 44 BC
  • Full name: Gaius Julius Caesar
  • Married Cornelia (d. 69 BC) and had a daughter (b. 76 BC, married to Pompey)
  • Married Pompeia in 67 BC
  • Religion: Roman paganism
  • Allegedly descendant of Aeneus
  • Nephew of Marius
  • Adopted Augustus (Octavian)



  • He was elected tribune in 72 BC
  • Cornelia died 69 BC
  • Remarried Pompeia in 67 BC
  • Served as propraetor of the province of Spain in 63 BC
  • Divorced Pompeia in 62 BC
  • Elected praetor in 62 BC
  • Formed First Triumvirate with Pompey and Crassus in 60 BC
  • Elected consul in 59 BC
  • Conquered Gaul (present day France, Northern Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany) in 51 BC
  • Waged war against Pompey in early 49 BC
  • Led civil war in 49 BC to gain power as a dictator
  • Gained dictatorship of Rome in 46 BC
  • He fought many battles during his dictatorship
  • He was killed March 15, 44 BC, by 60 conspirators. He was stabbed 23 times.

Impact and Importance on Rome

  • He contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic and the Rise of the Roman Empire.
  • He was part of the first Triumvirate.
  • He was the dictator of Rome for 2 years.

Fun Facts

  • Caesar was warned of a plot to kill him about a month before the plot was carried out, but he refused a bodyguard.
  • He was an eloquent speaker.
  • He helped Cleopatra gain the Egyptian throne. Right around the time he left Egypt, Cleopatra had a son. She named him Caesarion and claimed he was Caesar’s son.