Walt Disney

Famous Disney Creator and Owner of the Walt Disney Company


Walt Disney, the famous Disney creator, has been recognize as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time according to Success.com. Walt Disney started to draw just for fun, but he knew image that his work would appear on the big screen. In his life time Walt was nominated for over 90 times for his creations, out of all of them he won more than 50 times.

Early Life

Walter Elias Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Walt Disney received a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute, where he met Ub Iwerks. They then formed their first company, "Newman's Laugh-O-Grams." In 1923, they created their first series, "Alice Comedies" our as we know her now, "Alice in Wonderland." Walter came up with "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" but he later found out that a married couple had stolen this character and all his animators, while taking a train home after finding this out, he started drawing and he then came up with the famous character that we all know "Mickey Mouse." His first cartoon to be published in color was "Flowers and Trees" which also won him his first Oscar. From there on more and more success came. The Walt Disney Company was created and founded October 16, 1923. Walter married Lillian "Bounds" Disney, July 13, 1925 in Idaho. They later decided to expand their family and had two kids, Diane Disney and Roy E. Disney (both dead now). Walt Disney died in California December 15, 1966, from lung cancer.

Famous Works by Walt Disney

Just for Fun

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