WAR of 1812

By: Jaydah Tucker

what its about

This will be explaining how the War began & ended.

Leading up to the war

  • Great Britain angered the United States when it began capturing sailors American ships.
  • Great Britain and United States were in conflict over the Northwest Territory
  • The Prophet decided to attack nearby United States troops.
  • William Henry Harrison, the governor of the Northwest Territory, led American soldiers against the Prophet.
  • The battle was seen as a victory for the United States. After, Tecumseh joined British allies in Canada.
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War with Great Britain begins

  • War Hawks argued in favor of war against Great Britain.
  • One reason the War Hawks wanted a war was because of the British attacks on American ships.
  • In June 1812, President Madison gave into the War Hawks. Congress declared war on Great Britain.

The War at sea

  • The American USS Constitution defeated a British warship.
  • Another important naval victory was fought on Lake Erie, which is one of the Great Lakes

Battles on Land

  • In August 1814, the British attacked Washington D.C.
  • The British tried to capture the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
  • On September 13, a fleet sailed toward Fort McHenry, which stood on an island in harbor and was defended by American troops. Finally the British gave up.
  • A guy named Francis Scott Key, created a poem by looking at the American Flag, the poem is called THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER.

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Fighting for New Orleans

  • United States and Great Britain signed a peace treaty in the city of Ghent, Belgium, in December.
  • In January 1815, before news of the peace had reached them, the British attacked the port of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The British suffered more than 2,000 casualties, or people who were injured or killed.
  • The Americans had only 71 casualties.
  • Battle of New Orleans made Andrew Jackson a national hero.

The Return of Peace

  • Britain and France ended in 1815, so did American problems with British naval policies.
  • One major effect of the War of 1812 was many Americans felt more confident about their new nation.