How to research

By Carly Noblin

Good sources

When researching any topic you always need to keep in mind that you have to have multiple sources but you also want to know that they have to be relevant sources.

1. Mid-Continent (Online) and (Library)

2. Ebsco host

3. Library of congress is good for famous people that made a change in things like Walt Disney he made a big change in filming Arts.

4.Encyclopedia is good for making sure that you have good information.

When gathering reliable information you have to be able to know what you don't think is right and if you don't think that the information is reliable then you can find other sources that might be about the same topic and see if they also have to same information to give.Also you have to use your background knowledge.This means if you have to compare what you know about the topic and compare what the source has to say about the topic.


When you are looking at a source don't copy word for word what it says , not only is that plagiarism it also wastes a lot of your time.

Say your topic is about , Why do we need to drink water? Then you get a really good source and on an sentence says " Everyone need to drink water to stay high-dratted."You would not want want to put the whole sentence in your notes because it takes time when you could be looking for another source or sentence.When you are looking for answers you take the keywords that are in the sentence and put then on your notes so that you can make your own sentence.

Is the resources that I have credible to use?

When you are looking for a credible sources , one thing you want to keep in mind is the authors URL.There are many URL's , when you are look .gov , .edu are credible sources.The ones you want to be careful on look at what they have on there cite is .com.This does not mean that you should never look at .com , it just means that you should pay a little more intention on there writings.

Also when you are looking for credible sources you want to look if the page has a lot of adds.When a source has adds you have to know if the cite want you to buy something that is on the adds.Read over the article carefully so that you know if it makes since and it is good for you paper.

The last thing that you will want to keep in mind when searching for a credible sources is pictures and also video's .Make sure that the pictures and video's help you to understand the topic and they look real.There are cites out there that can make you think that something is real when it is not real.They can do this by photo shop and also tricking you to think that it look's like something when it is something else.


Plagiarism is copying word for word what an author wrote or said.

1.Citing your sources.This will help you give credit to the author and not plagiarize.

2.Quotes around your sentences that you did not paraphrase.

3.Taking notes.Make sure that you took good notes.You want to make sure that it makes sense , make sure you can read them , and last make sure your notes are organised.This will help you so that when you are looking over your notes you don't have to look back to find your sources and find what you meant to say in your notes and it will safe you time.

4. Paraphrasing will help you not plagiarize by putting the details in your own words.

5.Keywords will help you by also putting the text in your words by mixing the words around and then filling the blanks in with also your own words.

MLA citation

MLA style is giving credit to others work that you used. When you are giving credit to someone you use parenthetical citations in your credit. Parenthetical citations is giving relevant source to readers , by adding parentheses after quotes in you article. MLA goes at the end of your article to give credit to the sources that you used. When you are using MLA citation's make that when you give credit it is on a another page and it says work cited , also when doing MLA citations you should have the exacted one-inch margins , next you should include last name , and page number headers.