Democratic Republicans

By:Mariana Maldonado

Assumptions on state debts

The Dem. Republicans supported the assumption of debts with only one condition. They wanted the National Capital moved to where Washington D.C is now located.

Creation of a National Bank

The Dem. Republicans wanted the Constitution to be strictly and rightly interpreted. They argued about how the Constitution didn't specifically grant Congress the right to create a National Bank.

French Revolution

The Dem.Federalists had decided to support the French on overthrowing the king. And also because they traded more with the French.

Power of the National Government

The Democratic Republicans thought that the States and the Federal power should be equal. That one can't be more powerful than the other. They were scared of having an over powerful government. They wanted the people to give the Government its power.

Alien and Sedition Acts

When the Federalists passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, there purpose was to weaken the Democratic Republicans Party and to silence its newspapers as well.

The Dem. Republicans felt like this act was interfering with the freedom of press.

War with Britain 1812

The Democratic Republicans didn't want to go to war. Matter of fact, Thomas Jefferson (who was the president at that time) didn't want to go to war either. But Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun (War Hawks) declared war with Britain, but when they attacked Canada, the British won. Then Britain burned the White House down, but the Americans didn't give in. This proved that the Colonies weren't something to mess with and that they wanted to be a strong and important. This brought a new surge of Nationalism.