Jem Finch

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Jem's development

Jem is a boy who loved a good adventure and seeked to elucidate more about Boo Radley. He was quick to make up stories about Boo.He begins to suspect that Boo is not the monster he, scout and dill made him to be he could just be a ingenious benevolent being.They find the dolls and other gifts in the tree.He likes to give advice to his sister and tease her about being a girl. The trial has a effect on Jem and when Atticus loses, he is deeming vexation , losing faith in people and unfathomable power of the law. As he continues to mature he has less time for his sister. He walks her to the performance at the school, Ewell viciously attacks them. Jem gallantly saved his sister, having his arm broken in the process. By the end of the story he is auspicious young man like his venerable father.