Immigrant stories

Katie, Courtney,Kamryn 7th period

Question 1

I learned that some people are for immigration and some people are against immigration. It all depends on your experience with the immigration system.

Question 2

Some people decide to leave there country because of economy they could be running from the law family and better land if you are a farmer.

Question 3

Child- moving to a new place and leaving behind the only place you have known

Teenager- hardest because it is starting over

Adult- new is bad or good you could be starting over or you could be moving because of problems

Easiest - a child because you move with your family and you have time to still get to know people and grow up with them

Question 4

It could make a family stronger by trusting them or tear it apart from differencesdifferences

Question 5

Getting to know the area and meet new people and basically starting over