Reignier Catholic School Newsletter

2nd February 2023 - Issue # 1

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We warmly welcome the following students and their families to Reignier: Hunter Amataiti (Room 8), Amelia Chan (Room 8), Xavier Trower (Room 8), Eda Wang (Room 8), James Kennedy (Room 7) and Olivia Kennedy (Room 4).


Tēnā Koutou Katoa,

Welcome everyone to the start of the new school year. We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy start to 2023. It has been an exciting start to school, with lots of holiday stories, smiles, laughter and the sheer pleasure of seeing one another again.

We think of our schools in Auckland and the upper North Island that have been impacted due to the weather storms. We hold them in our prayers as they begin their start to the new school year.

We are sending out the newsletter today with those back to school reminders. Please take the time to read through and refresh yourselves. This year we are utilising the calendar on the school app. This is where key events will be added so you are able to plan ahead. Also, each team will be sending out a what's coming up next week notice for parents via Seesaw, so look out for that.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at our Whānau picnic.

Teresa Shanks


Please mark you calendars now for next week's Whānau picnic. This will be held from 4.30pm - 6.30pm. A flyer will be sent home soon with further information.


We're excited to introduce you to the Board's Corner. This is going to be the forum for the Board to communicate with you, our whānau community, about what is going on through the lens of governance.

This newsletter we have chosen to let you know what the roles and responsibilities we undertake as a Board.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

As a school board, we work in partnership with the school, its community, and the government to ensure the best possible outcome for all students and their whānau. The school's community includes staff, the Māori community associated with it, others in the wider community, and students, their parents, families, and whānau.

While we as a board and Teresa (as the principal) are both leaders in the school, we undertake different roles.

Our role is to govern the school by setting strategic goals and the policies by which the school is controlled and managed. We entrust Teresa and the staff to work towards these goals and report on the school's progress throughout the year. Teresa also handles the day-to-day management of the school, keeping in line with the board's policies, laws, and the school's tikanga and kawa.

Governance (your board) determines:

  • The what - designing the future
  • The ends - the outcomes to be achieved
  • The policies - statements of what is expected

Mareli Smith

Presiding Member, on behalf of the BOT


We gather as a school each Monday morning at 9am in the hall for prayers. This gathering liturgy is led by staff and students. All whānau are welcome to attend.

Each Thursday a team attends the 9.15am Mass at St Mary’s Church. Students take an active role in this by reading the Word of the Lord and the prayers of the faithful. Teachers will inform you when your child will be attending.

Each term there will be a whānau Mass held at St Mary’s Church. As part of your commitment to your child’s faith journey, you are expected to support these Masses. This will be led by a different team each term. Our first one for the year is Sunday 19th March.

Throughout the year, in-line with the Church calendar, special events will be held and whānau are most welcome to join us for these.

Our school values are Respect, Community and Service. These values are embedded in everything we do at Reignier Catholic School. We acknowledge students who live out these values with Catholic Character certificates after Monday morning liturgy.

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The School App is our main form of communication. This can be downloaded from the app store. Notices, updates and information relating to school events are sent through the School App. You can subscribe to certain sports, cultural groups and classrooms to receive specific alerts. The school calendar can also be accessed through the School App.


Seesaw is used to share information with you from your class and team teachers. This can be photos and videos of what is happening in class. The older students use Seesaw as a tool to share their learning as well. Your child’s Seesaw journals are automatically linked to your email address from last year. New families have been set up. Students can have up to 10 “followers “ so if you would like grandparents, aunts/uncles or other extended family to be connected, please see Mrs Jackson or email Please contact your class teacher if you have any issues accessing your child's journal. Teachers will send out a note each Sunday/Monday informing you of what is on for the week and how you can support your child’s learning.


The Reignier Catholic School Facebook page showcases snippets of school events and informs our community of events or activities available for students outside of school.


Our school website has a wealth of information for parents including enrolments, uniforms and policy information.


The school newsletter is produced every three weeks and is sent out via the School App, the Facebook page and can also be accessed on the website. As part of our school newsletter, we celebrate student’s success in sporting and cultural activities unrelated to school. Please feel free to contact your class teacher with this information throughout the year.


Communication with class teachers can be done via Seesaw, email or face to face conversations. We ask that you please respect that reply Seesaw/email correspondence may not happen instantly but teachers will endeavour to reply within 24 hours during the school week.


At Reignier Catholic School we have an open door policy. This means that at any time throughout the year if you have a concern about your child’s academic, social or physical well-being we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher to discuss the issue. As necessary, the Team Facilitator, DP or Principal will become involved.

Each term there will be a whānau Day where all family members are welcome to visit classrooms and see the students in action. In addition to this there will be one afternoon a term (after school) where teachers are available for parents to touch base in regards to their child’s development/progress.

A written report will be sent home in Term 3 and Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in Terms 2 and 4.

In Term 1 we are holding a Meet the Teacher/Whānau picnic. This is happening next Wednesday 8th February. A flyer with more details will be out soon.


Students are expected to wear our uniform with pride. Please refer to our uniform section on the website for specific information. Please note that sandals or shoes can be worn all year round.


Each term a number of sports will be on offer. The list for Term 1 was sent out last week. Thank you to those who have registered their children already. Teams can only be entered if parents are available to coach and manage. In the event that there are not enough children to form a team, every effort will be made to have your child included in a team from another school if possible.



Moeller Street is our main entrance, however students can also enter/exit from Chester Street and Guppy Road (by the hall). The Guppy Road Kea crossing is manned with road patrollers from 8.30am-8.50am and 2.50pm - 3.10pm. Please refrain from using the carpark entrance as an entry point into school. This is for Staff and Tradies only.


We ask that children are not on the school grounds before 8.15am. Children and whānau can enter classrooms from the 8.30am bell. Prior to this, they need to gather in the area adjacent to Rm 2. We ask that all family members vacate the school grounds prior to the 8.55am bell.


ALL parents and visitors must enter the school via the office during the school day.


Whānau are welcome onsite from 2.50pm. We ask that you not gather directly outside the classrooms as teachers are going though end of day routines in classes. All students should be collected by 3.10pm. Refer to the website for after school care providers.

Students are not actively supervised by staff before or after school. Families are welcome to remain onsite after school on the playgrounds/fields.


Please use the School App or phone the office if you child is going to be away from school or is going to be late.


School starts at 8.55am and school finishes at 2.55pm.


These are held approximately every three weeks on a Friday at 2.30pm in the hall. Each team will take responsibility for hosting one each term. The purpose of the assembly is for the students in the team to share their learning with the school community.

Principal’s certificates will be presented to one child from each class recognising consistent growth and development.

Assemblies this term are on 10th February (Team Kereru); 3rd March (Team Piwakawaka); 31st March (Team Kereru)


Please ensure your phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts held by the school are up to date. This can be done by emailing


All this and more can be accessed through the school calendar on the School App.

Monday 6th February - SCHOOL CLOSED - Public Holiday - Waitangi Day

Wednesday 8th February - Meet the Teacher/Whānau Picnic 4.30pm - 6.30pm - More details to come

Thursday 16th February - Art Deco Dress Up Day & Year 5 and 6 Great Gatsby Picnic

Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March - Team Kākāpō at Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre

Friday 3rd March - NZEI Paid Teachers Union Meeting - TBC

Sunday 19th March - Whānau Mass

Thursday 23rd March - Swimming Sports - TBC

Friday 24th March - Caritas Challenge Day

Monday 27th March - Friday 31st March - Year 6 Optimist Yachting

Note: Going forward this section of the newsletter will be utilised to communicate with you, any changes to events coming up, therefore, you will need to access the school calendar to know what the upcoming events are.