Come to Indian Island!

Island of Paradise

Fun in the Sun on Indian Island!

Come join in on the fun on Indian Island! Whether you're coming on your own or with the family, you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy some relaxation, time to unwind and a getaway you'll never forget!

"An account of the luxurious modern house built on this little island off the Devon coast" pg1

Exciting Activities!

Words From The General

I had one of the best times in my life on Indian Island! I never wanted to leave. I'll definitely be coming back soon! The food was wonderful and my hotel was luxurious! I give it five stars! I'm so glad my friend recommended me to come here, and I'll no doubt recommend this island to everyone else.
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Making a Reservation?

Reservations can be made at any time. The staff on the Island will make sure you have a safe and comfortable time. You'll have easy access to things on the island such as wifi, calling, transportation, etc. Book a Reservation today at 1-800-isaland or

Why Come You Ask?

Indian Island is more than just your regular island. It is small but it's full of many activities can take part in such as boat riding, tours along the beach, dolphin watching, etc. Give yourself time to relax and have some "you time". There's gift shops as well so you can bring home a souvenir to remember your fantastic time on this trip. It'll be a trip you'll never forget!

By: Kelsey Verzbickis 12/3/14 period 6