Ms. Jerome's Reading Class

6th grade


Hi Buck Lodge friends and family. I hope you all enjoyed your Spring Break and got an opportunity to spend time with family and get some rest. We have a busy fourth quarter coming up!

In March, students conducted research and taught the class what they learned with their wonderful presentations. It is important that students practice public speaking to prepare them for college and a career.

Up next, we will begin a novel study.

Newseum Field Trip

Thursday, April 14th, 9am

999 9th Street Northwest

Washington, DC

Students will get the opportunity to learn the history of news broadcasting on this Social Studies Field Trip! If you would like to attend please feel free to call or e-mail. Parents must be finger printed through the county for all field trips. This is a county policy. So please keep this in mind. We would love to have you! Will be lots of educational fun!
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