Holiday Book Swap

Book Collection: December 1-12

The Book Swap is for You!

Do you have a pile of books sitting in your room that you have already read? Do you wish you had the opportunity to exchange them for more exciting reading materials?

How It Works

From December 1-12, students may bring in any gently used books to the Media Center for donation. We will track the number of picture books, chapter books and nonfiction books brought in by the student.

Book Criteria

Please make choices carefully before bringing in books. Books will be accepted using the following guidelines:

  • Books should be appropriate for grades PreK-5
  • Books must be in good condition: cover on, no rips, tears, or bent edges, no coloring or writing
  • Books may not be coloring books, activity books, or sticker books

Holiday Book Swap

Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 8am-2pm

NJES Media Center

Students may come to the Media Center and select any gently used books of their choice based on the number of books they turned in. Students may select the same type of books they donated. For example, if a student turns in 3 picture books, they must leave with 3 picture books. This ensures that everyone is exchanging in a fair manner.