Read S'more About It

By: Jared Reed

What's The Real Cost of Food

When you are deciding on what food you should buy, you often look at the price. but you often don't think about why its either so expensive or cheep. The reason it could be cheap is because it could have been made by the help of immigrants. Since immigrants are not american citations they don't have the same rights as a normal american would in the u.s. The immigrants don't have minimal wage so the can get paid very little compared to a american citation. When companies hire them the product they make will be cheaper and cost less to make it.

Most companies if they cant find local people for work will go to immigrants.

Since immigrants cost less and can work more, this is likely businesses second option.

Most people think that hiring immigrants is a bad thing. There is 9.75 million Americans without jobs, and by not hiring immigrant but hiring Americans. So statistic wise it really is not a good thing. hiring american's should be more of a concern than hiring illegal immigrants.

Dear Future America

October 15, 1917

Dear future Americans,

Americans of the united states. My name is Alice Paul and I helped in giving american women there freedom that they have to day, like the right to vote. I have put my self through some pretty bad things like going to jail, protesting in the cold, getting beat and harassed. Some people thought that i was crazy, and at some time i did to. but looking back now at what I have accomplished all those blood, sweat, and tears were worth it. I hope that you as future american ever take that for granite.

The one thing i will say to you is that you should always express you use of voting. voting is a way of showing your fellow Americans what you think and what you believe in. Some might still say that letting women vote was not a smart choice, and let them say that. Make sure you show them that women voting was not only the best idea but the greatest idea that someone could come up with. This era in mankind's life was probably the most important of all, because it really made everyone equal.

Always remember, when life hands you lemons make grape juice, and sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.


Alice Paul

Chinese Culture is Gone

China has always been a big trading partner with other country's like Great Britain. But one day this harmless trading went to Great Britain trying to take over all of china's culture. It all started when Great Britain started to takeover small parts of china making it there's. Once Great Britain had a little bit of china they had to have more. Once they started taking over parts of china it looked like it was never going to stop. Once these "spheres of influence" started chines culture started to fade away into the past. Western culture started covering all of china, and Chinese culture is almost wiped out by western influence.

The Children's Pain

Greed can turn a man into a monster. This was most cases during the progressive era. companies would hire children knowing the risks that they could be at but only thinking about the money. The way the bosses of businesses treated there employees, especially these children, people were enraged. Because of the cruel treatment of these children we going threw for little pay, the child labor law was crated. These laws affected children under the age of 12 years old. These laws also help end the greed that businesses we craving.
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We Want You

As long as you were 18 years old you could fight in the war. The government tried to get all able bodies to fight in world war 1. By having uncle Sam point and saying "I WANT YOU FOR THE U.S. ARMY" made it look like the u.s. need them. This poster was supposed to get people to join the army.


The New Weapons Introduced in World War 1

During the first world war, a lot of new weapons were created. One of the new weapons that was created was the machine gun. The machine gun was created by Helge Palmcrantz. The gun was invented in 1884 but improved before that first world war. Another weapon that was invented and used in the war was the airplane. Planes were not used as weapons until 1915. before then they were used to transport men and supplies. Once the found out how to put guns on planes safely, they used them in air to air combat. This type of fight was called dog fights.


movies started in the 1890's and were nothing more that a minute long because of limited technology. Once the roaring 20s started so did the movie franchise. On 1927 movies became more that just a boring black and white moving picture, it became a black and white moving picture with sound! They called these films that had synchronized dialogue talkies. Talkies had sound that corresponded with what happening in the movie. One of the first american talkie was the jazz singer. The jazz singer had one of the more "advanced" synchronized dialogue. More talkie moves started to come out and movie stopped being a novelty and started to be the entertainment industry it is today.
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The Most Influential Person in Jazz

Louis Armstrong nicknamed pops and satchmo, was one of the most famous jazz players in america. In the 1920s he became incredible famous for his songs like " St James infirmary" and "star dust". When most people herd his music they were stunned that just a trumpet could make such amazing sound. He was also known for his voice as much as his trumpet playing.