Tech In Kindergarten

Is It Even Possible?

What does technology in Kinder look like?

You may think that technology in Kindergarten is nothing more than old cellphones and cash registers in the Home Center. Well, think again! Kindergarteners are capable of much more than that! Check out the video below to see a Kindergarten class' project from start to finish, including sharing and receiving feedback.

Integrating technology in a Kindergarten classroom

Can it really be that simple?

The answer is "yes" and "no". While the students in the video show an amazing grasp of how to integrate technology to the ne plus ultra of classroom achievement, they are in a fortunate and unique situation - having an abundance of technology with a 1-1 ratio for students. Take a look at the article below and enjoy some queries prior to reading.

  • What is the 21st Century term for integrating technology in the Kindergarten classroom?
  • What is the foremost obstacle in integrating technology in the Kindergarten curriculum?
  • What can schools do to help parents achieve basic digital literacy?
  • If students are in front of computers, Smartboards, or iPads for much of the day, what are some challenges that may be presented?

Where do I begin?

Checkout this link below to take you to some awesome applications for Kindergarten and Early Childhood to get started.

Who is doing this right now?

You can peruse a humorous early childhood blog about developmentally appropriate use of technology in early childhood.

What else can I do?

Lastly, take a look the following website - it has some useful examples of how teachers are already harnessing the power of technology to improve learning and teaching. Videos 2 and 3 are especially informative.

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