Polar Bear

San Diego Zoo

This week I have gotten the chance to go on a virtual field trip to the San Dieago Zoo.We did not actually get to go there because it would have taken us 33 three hours to get there.We got to watch live animal cams and do lots of other cool things.
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The polar bears are really used to living in a cold climate.Their very,very thick skin keeps them warm in the cold.The polar bears live very far away in Antartica.Polar bears are very active,and love to play with other polar bears.Now polar bears arevery thin because or the scarce amount of ice they can hunt on. They use their webbed front paws to swim in the cold water. They eat seals, fish, and walruses. Polar bears usually hunt and live alone. Wild polar bears live about 25 years in age. When they are sleeping they are the cutest animals in the world.