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You're Invited...

Christie is hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar so you fabulous ladies can have a much needed night out, enjoy some light appetizers and snacks, and check out what Origami Owl is all about! For those of you not familiar with Origami Owl, they are the creator of the Living Locket - the latest trend in customizable jewelry. Every locket creation serves as a reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are going and the dreams you carry in your heart.
These lockets are perfect for any woman in your life and with the introduction of the "mini" locket they are even great for little girls too! Make one to honor a cause, a loved one, or make one that shares each of your passions in life. The wonderful thing about Origami Owl is that you can change them out and add to them as your life story grows and changes!

Christie's Home

Thursday, Feb. 6th, 7-9pm

4155 Strathmore Ln

Canton, MI