Erionna Jones

Facts on Giraffes

  • Length of a giraffe’s tongue is 27 inches by which it holds leaves of a tree.
  • The average life of a giraffe is 25 years.
  • The length of a step taken by a giraffe is 15 feet.
  • A giraffe’s kick is so tough that it can kill a lion.
  • In a giraffe’s fur there are insects which are eaten by the birds sitting on their back. In this way, giraffes remain clean.
  • Its flexible neck helps it to drink water from a flowing stream.
  • Eating Habits

    • Seedpods
    • Fruits
    • Flowers
    • Thorns
    • Climbing plants
    • Acacia Tree
    • Wild Apricot trees

    Being a ruminant, it firstly chews the food then swallows it and reiterates food back to their mouths to chew semi-digested food properly. A most astonishing fact concerning their eating habits is that they don’t drink water very often and can live for a week without water.

    Habitat for giraffes

    Giraffes have a preference for feeding on young leaves and shoots but will eat grasses and other plant matter. Their favorite meal consists of the tender leaves that grow on the crowns of acacia trees. They have long, prehensile that provide them with great dexterity and the ability to grasp onto shoots and pull them into their mouths as they strip off the leaves.