Novel by Thatcher Heldring

Project by Logan Hibler


7th Hour Reading

Authors Theme

The theme is to never give up because when his parents told Wyatt that he couldn't play football because of his size that didn't crush his dreams he kept moving toward his goal

The Conflict is Man VS Man

The reason i chose man vs man is because the main character Wyatt desperately wants to play football but him mom says no because he's too small.
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Indirect characterization

Wyatt-Short. Big heart, determined, athletic



direct characterization

Wyatt- Small, Tries to impress people

Mom/Dad- don't want their son playing football because of his size

Evan- always wearing baggy clothes because shes always going to a practifce


8th grade and 9th grade, summer,Football field
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This boy Wyatt is always getting picked on by girls and the girl he has a crush. So he decides to join a football team, Once his parents hear about this they tell him no and sign him up for a golf camp. When his brother heard about this he tells Wyatt that he can secretly play for "The League of Pain". So Wyatt skips golf camp and goes to play for the league