By: Bailey Van Wagoner

What Is Malware?

Malware can be defined as any malicious software.

The three types of malware are:
  • Viruses
Programs that spread from one computer to another through email, website links, etc. May sometimes delete system files which will negatively affect your computer.
  • Trojan Horse
An accidentally downloaded program that allows someone else to change your computer. It is often downloaded when you download music, movies, etc. off of untrustworthy sites and the program sneaks in with your download.
  • Spyware
A hidden program that steals your personal information. It is often downloaded in untrustworthy sites or through pop-ups on your computer.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Malware?

You can use:
  • AntiVirus Software
Get an AntiVirus program and let it run on your computer all the time. It will search for potential malware and alert you if it thinks your computer may be in trouble.
  • Firewalls
This is a program that you can get that will prevent websites and programs from connecting to your computer without your permission. It will alert you when a program wants to connect to your computer and require permission from you for it to do so.
  • Common Sense
Use your brain! If something seems suspicious, don't click on it. Don't download things from untrustworthy sites. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.