Baby Shower Gifts

Top 5 Personalised Gifts Ideas on Baby Shower

Most of us are stuffed with excitement when we hear that a new baby is about to come, and we share our excitement and happiness with our family, friends and others by organising a baby shower celebration. However, presenting gifts to soon-to-be-mums can be a daunting task for anyone, who is doing the stuff for the first time or for those too who are looking for more exciting gift ideas. Following are the top 5 personalised gift ideas on baby shower for expecting moms and sometimes dads:

Gifts from the Heart: Handmade gifts remain at the top of the list of specialised gifts for the soon-to-be-mums. Handmade baby blankets, booties and cardigans for the soon-to-be born babies and sometimes mothers are the most popular gift ideas that remain forever favourite of the family, friends or others who are going to attend the celebrations. With the selection of these gifts, a belief of love, care and affection of the person is associated, which makes these very special.

Nappy Cakes: Another endowment that hits the top of the lists is Nappy Cakes. Yes, the market nowadays is readily available with a huge collection of nappy cakes to be gifted on the special occasion of baby shower celebration, which includes a different set of nappies structured in the form of cake, along with other baby care items, like bibs, combs, hat, socks, hair wash, blanket, baby moisture cream, and much more. All these make a complete set of necessary items of baby care.

Baby Shower Basket: Presenting a stunning baby shower basket make an incredible gift idea for the celebrations that make the event more special. One can make a choice of baby care items and baby clothing to be included in the basket, which not only looks good, but renders the warm feelings of the person for the new baby as well. This basket includes every item of baby care that would help the mom while taking care of the baby.

Baby Blankets & Beddings: Now, it comes the baby blankets and beddings that make an ideal endowment suggestion for the celebrations. One can make use of personalised blankets and comfortable beddings for the new baby, especially made from very soft & cottony fabric that won’t be harsh to baby’s skin. You can order it from any of the leading online shop or you can also opt for handmade blankets, if it is a tradition.

Gift Vouchers: And, if you are looking for more special and personalised gift idea, then purchasing a gift voucher for the soon-to-be-mom from any of the well-known baby shop or superstore would make an amazing endowment for the day. However, one can easily afford the lump sum expense on buying the nappies, wipes and other essentials, but this comes handy when mums need something better for their kids.