Comeback Chronicles

By Mike Lupica, RHILOMEL Books. 2007, 180 pages

Character Headline

The main character is Scott, he is the smallest kid at his new school. He is crazy smart and is trying for the football team. He doesn’t play but he can kick but he doesn't tell coach. Chris, the QB of the team is Scott’s new friend and Scott takes him to the place called Parry field, which is Scott’s backyard. He is so cool to Scott and he loves football. Scott’s mom is so supportive of Scott because her husband, Scott’s dad, used to play football for Boston College. She loves Scott even when Scott is mean to her. Casey, Scott’s golden retriever, is his second best friend to Chris, he plays football with Scott when his dad is gone. Scott goes to Bloomfield South Middle School and is a straight A+ student and Chris is a straight F- student.

Plot Summary

Scott is the new kid at Bloomfield South. His dad works for a golf ball company and has moved three times. Scott gets bullied by Jimmy Dolan a football player everyday at the bus line. But one day Chris Conlan stepped up to Jimmy and helped Scott. Scott looks up to Chris, the QB of the team. Scott wants to play football but he is too small, but he can kick really good. Plus he has a football field in his backyard. Chris comes over too Scott's house and brings Brett, the dog. They play and Chris saw Scott kick a field goal. But Coach Dolan doesn't like kickers because one let him down in a championship. Scott goes to football practice and did bad. His dad had talked after practice and he inspired Scott to keep trying. By the third practice, they went full pads and Scott was the ball carrier and for the first time ever he held on to the ball after Jimmy hit him. He got hit in the stomach and Scott kept the ball again. Chris pressures Scott to try to kick but Scott wouldn't. He is too scared. Chris finds out he is mentally disabled and his grades might have him off the team if they are not higher. Chris is mean to Scott because he is embarrassed and it happens all week. Chris is ashamed about how he acted and he said that he is sorry. Scott has a plan to get Chris's grades up by tutoring him and them Chris teaches him how to play football.

Scott can not decide what position to play in football but he thinks he could be water boy. The big test was coming around and if Chris didn't get a good grade on the test he can't play football. He thinks he did good but the grades come tomorrow so they wait... He nails the test and Scott and him went to practice as usual. At practice, Scott is on the punt team and try's to block Jimmy Dolan. But instead Jimmy runs around him but Scott wraps his ankles up and twists one of them. Coach gets mad at Scott and he helps Jimmy up. Scott wants to quit but Chris gets mad at him and doesn't talk to him. But anyway Scott gets ready for practice and suits up ready to go.

Scott at practice was put at corner on defense and got an interception on Chris's throw to Jeremy Sharp. Chris and Scott are now the best friends according to Chris. Scott heard Coach say that everyone will play in the next game and Scott was happy about that. Chris and Scott ran a reverse play and Scott ran for almost a touchdown but Sharp caught him and Jimmy was right behind him. Jimmy hit Scott so hard out of bounds that the ball went flying and all he could hear was his wrist exploding. Scott had a sprained wrist and can't play in the game he was going to play in. The Championship game was rainy and muddy and the Lions are up by 2 by a safety. Chris got sacked and his leg got hurt and he can't walk or run. So Scott was called to dropkick the field goal to win it. Scott makes it right threw the goal posts and the Eagles win 3-2. Scott gets hoarded by the team and Casey the dog goes to get Scott's ball. Scott's dropkick is known as "The Kick" and Chris passes all of his classes. Scott gets a call from Doug Flutie, a NFL kicker and tells him that he is proud of him and that he will see him soon.


The Conflict in the story is that Scott isn't good at football. Scott tries his best but can't do it and he gets upset at himself and can't learn or teach himself how to play. His dad really helps Scott get better and feel good about himself. Also Chris is trying to help him out, but Scott's only talent is kicking. Jimmy Dolan doesn't help at all with his rude comments and other things to be mean to Scott,"The Brain", as Jimmy calls him.

Title Explanation

The title, Comeback Chronicles, is related and important to the book for two reasons. One is when Scott gets better at football and gets faster. The other reason is when the team is down 2-0 in the championship and Scott dropkicks the ball and makes it to win. I think a good title for the book would be The Kick because Scott is the best kicker on the team and he kicked the game winning kick.

Book Review

I think the book was more for smaller children than 7th graders but overall it was good. The author could have put some more action but a little drama too. I thought the book was bland and dull. It needs to get jazzed up and more fun and exciting. The author needs to get creative instead of the same thing every chapter. Overall it needs work but I enjoyed it a lot and he has potential as an author and a second book or third, etc.
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