Jack Prelutsky

*He's a Children's Poems Poet*

My Brother’s Bug (from SOMETHING BIG HAS BEEN HERE) Jack Prelutsky

My brother’s bug was green and plump,

It did not run, it could not jump,

It had no fur for it to shed,

It slept all night beneath his bed.

My brother’s bug had dainty feet,

It did not need a lot to eat,

It did not need a lot to drink,

It did not scream, it did not stink.

It always tried to be polite,

It did not scratch, it did not bite,

The only time it soiled the rug

Was when I squashed my brother’s bug.

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Jellyfish Stew (from THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK) By Jack Prelutsky

Jellyfish stew,

I’m loony for you,

I dearly adore you,

Oh, truly I do,

You’re creepy to see,

Revolting to chew,

You slide down inside

With a hullabaloo.

You’re soggy, you’re smelly,

You taste like shampoo,

You bog down my belly

With oodles of goo,

Yet I would glue noodles

And prunes to my shoe

For one oozy spoonful

Of jellyfish stew.

The Ballpoint Penguins -(from BEHOLD THE BOLD UMBRELLAPHANT) by Jack Prelutsky

The BALLPOINT PENGUINS, black and white,

Do little else but write and write.

Although they’ve nothing much to say,

They write and write it anyway.

The BALLPOINT PENGUINS do not think,

They simply write with endless ink.

They write of ice, they write of snow,

For that is all they seem to know.

At times, these shy and silent birds

Will verbally express their words,

But mostly they do not recite—

They aim their beaks and write and write.

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Jack Prelutsky

Jack was born in Brooklyn, NY on September 8, 1940. He is currently still alive. He grew up in Bronx, but currently lives in Seattle, Washington. He lived in a six story building when he was growing up. He enjoys photography. He says he does a lot of stuff in his spare time. He also does carpentry. He is married to Carrolynn Prelustky. I hope he lives several more years.