by logan hill

World Culture's Project - P2

Christianity was formed out of Judaism in 33 C.E. It was founded on the life, teachings and death of Jesus Christ. The followers of Jesus Christ are call Christians. The holy book for Christianity is called the bible. In addition, the place of worship for Christians is a church, and the worship leader can be a Priest or Pastor. The central teachings of Christianity include Jesus Christ is the son of God, Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection and assentation into Heaven are proof of God's love and forgiveness of sins. The holy city of Christianity is Jerusalem. Christians celebrate many holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They also have many traditions such as baptism: The initiation of a person into the church. Confirmation occurs when an adult Christian retakes his/her baptismal vows. Communion is the center of the worship where bread and wine are used as symbols of Jesus' body and blood.