November 30, 2021

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message from the principal

I know I speak for our staff when I say that we really hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Personally I am thankful for the awesome staff we have as well as the strong community support from our families. We feel it and it makes a big difference at Autumn Creek!

If you have not noticed there is some ongoing discussion within the school district regarding changing some of the school zoning in the southeast zone elementary schools, including ACE. This is being looked at as a necessary step to plan for the increasing enrollment in this area due to new construction. The projected impact to Autumn Creek is considered to be relatively small, as we are expected to gain a block of homes in Balmoral as part of a flex zone to ACE and Ridge Creek Elementary. Families living in the flex zone can choose whether their kids will go to ACE or Ridge Creek.

If you are interested in seeing the updated zoning proposal, you can view it on the district website. An informational meeting which is open to the public will be held at the Summer Creek High School performing arts center on Tuesday November 30th at 7pm.

Instructional Strategy for Families

Check out this progression of multiplication video.

Construction update

There is less and less working going on at ACE since most of the work is now complete. We are continuing to make note of items that need to be repaired around the building due to defects in installation, but overall the building is in good shape. Here are some of the larger remaining items we are waiting on:

  1. Outdoor sign- This was being worked on over the Thanksgiving break. The electronic marquee should be functional soon.

  2. School zone signs- These are still stuck in pricing with Manhattan Construction.

  3. Video intercom- This is the video doorbell at our front door. It is currently being connected to the school's computer network.

  4. Wall panels in cafeteria- We are currently waiting on electronic wall panels in the cafeteria which will automate our projector and screen. Essentially it will allow us to select which signal source the projector will use and allow for easy connection to it and to the sound in the room.

  5. Building automation- You may have noticed that our parking lot lights stay on all of the time. This is because the building automation is not yet functional. We are told that should happen soon, so lights will cycle on and off at regular intervals.

  6. Lobby monitors- Our display case in the lobby is going to be replaced by wall monitors where we can display pictures and videos. We do not yet know when those items will be installed.


We have a new special education interventionist! Richelle Martinez and her family moved away so her husband could start a new position, and in her place we are receiving Symone Daigle from Fall Creek Elementary! Symone has a strong background in special education and recently has been teaching a virtual 1st grade class. She will officially start with us after the winter break, but she will move to ACE immediately and will begin working with our special education staff almost immediately. Welcome Symone!

Community Leadership Academy

To learn more about the "Community Leadership Academy" click here.


Important upcoming dates!

  • December 3rd - College Spirit Day
  • December 3rd - Retake/Makeup Picture Day
  • December 9th - Watch DOGS Pizza Night


Wednesday, December 1st: Winter Gram Sale

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