Digital Fluency Academy


Reflections from the Day

Morning Reflections

  • Digital leaders understand that we must put real-world tools in the hands of students.
  • Allow purposeful time for reflection in PD.
  • Using the genius hour concept produces exceptional product.
  • Instructional leaders should create experiences where teachers partake in the types of learning that should happen in their classrooms.
  • Leaders should create an atmosphere that inspires innovation.
  • Social media should be used to communicate, collaborate, learn and lead.
  • Leaders must recognize that teachers taking risks by using new technology will have moments of failure and that it is OK to take risks and to fail at times = "If we're not trying new things, we're not learning. And if we're trying new things, then we're going to fail sometimes." Eric Sheninger

Afternoon Reflections - Digital Leadership Challenges To Try

  • Explorer Genius Hour resources for teachers and students!
  • Learn the ins and outs of Google Hangouts and practice a Google Hangout with someone else in the building.
  • Continue to transform faculty meetings and PD sessions. Great start this year, focus now on continual improvement.
  • Create a learning network via Twitter to build relationships, participate in conversations and contribute to the learning of others by filtering through your lens (perspective/area of expertise) and by adding value.
  • Sign up and join one or more communities and encourage teachers to join as well.