Brown Vs. Board

By: Andy Garcia

What did the case entail? What was it about? Which amendments?

It violated the 14th amendment and it was about a girl who's parents wanted her to attend a all white school.

Who was involved in the case?

Oliver L. Brown and his third grade daughter Linda.

Other events that happend that were related to this?

Briggs v. Elliot , Bulah v. Gebhart and Belton v. Gebhart , Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County , Bolling v. Sharpe

What part of the country and time period was it during?

1954 and it was in Kansas

Why was the case important? The impact today?

This case was imporant because it ended segregation and allowed all students no matter what race to go to the same school. It is important because racism is not a big issue like it was during that time period and allows our country to unified as one.