Fabulous First Grade

Come and check out what we have been working on!

Language Workshop

In Language Workshop, first graders have been working hard to ask, answer, and understand the unit question: what is the value of relationships? We have been reading several books that explore why different relationships are important and how we can help others. This week, we wrapped up reading How to Heal a Broken Wing and learned about the importance of relationships not only with others but with animals too!

Math Workshop

First graders have been putting what they learned about fact families and addition/subtraction to solve equations with missing numbers ( 4 + ___ = 14, ___ - 6 = 10) and checking to see if equations are balance (3 + 6 = 7 + 2). They have even been combining these two skills to find missing numbers in balanced equations (4 + ___ = 8 + 2). We will continue practicing this skill into next week before taking the assessment on Wednesday!

Reading Workshop

Over the past few weeks, first graders have been working hard to retell stories from independent reading and reading groups using story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution). They have also been learning about contractions and recognizing when they see them in their reading. Please encourage your first grader to spend time reading at home (we are up to 15 minutes of read-to-self time!) and using RazKids!

Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop, first graders have been working on their opinion writing. They have been adding details to their work to convince their reader why they should believe their idea or that their favorite thing is the best. They have been adding sparkly words and quotes to make their writing even better! Keep an eye out for these writing pieces coming home soon!
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Social Studies

In Social Studies, students have been working hard to learn all about Australia. We have learned about the different biomes, geography, states/territories, and special facts about Australia. Ask your first grader to see their All About Australia Book Creator to see what they have learned!

Picture Retake Day

As a reminder, Picture Retake Day will be Monday, December 14th.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 9th - Pizza Ranch Dining Night

Monday, December 14th - Noodles & Company Dining Night

Thursday, December 17th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night - Sunset Location

Wednesday, December 23rd - Friday, January 1st: Holiday Break

Monday, January 4th - Return to School

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