Goldfields: Women & Children

By Marko V


The numbers of women were forever changing. there were hardly any woman when it first started. then in 1854 there were at least 4023 woman. The women had to do all the housework, cooking and washing for their family.


Lots of parents were unable to educate their young children because they came from another country and couldn't speak English so it was hard for their children to talk to other people besides their family. Schools took a long time to get built back in the gold rush so some parents didn't bother to even send their children to school. Children had to move schools most of the time because their parents wanted richer gold fields.


More than 200 children died on the goldfields because of the dirty water. they had to drink muddy water because people couldn't afford clean water. lot's of women


Roles and Responsibilities of woman in the Goldfields

The women on the goldfields had to do all housework. The woman had o do the washing, iron the clothes, look after the children and also cook and get water from the river.