Hendo Hoverboard

By: Hallie Bieneck


This is the first hoverboard to hold a person, hundreds of people got to use the hoverboard but most importantly the famous skateboarder Toney Hawk got to use the board. The engineer Greg Henderson made a skateboard looking hoverboard for Toney Hawk. The board weighs about 60lbs. The hoverboard has improved from scooters to actually levitating boards.

Greg Henderson

Greg Henderson made the futuristic Hoverboard come to life. The hoverboard was originally made for protecting buildings during earth quakes, the hoverboard was originally supposed to get signals from the ground waves and once the earthquake hit the hoverboard would levitate the building. The hoverboard was tinkered with so the hoverboard could transport a human.

The Importance!

The importance about this product is to transport places without touching the ground, and the magnets used for the hoverboard can be charged decreasing the pollution by not having to put a gas solution into the board.

The Hoverboards uses

  • levitate a person about 2inches off the ground
  • Transport in a new and fun style
  • Protect buildings from environmental disasters
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Hoverboard improvements

  • Can hold a persons weight
  • Better battery life
  • Stronger hover engines
  • Safety kill switch
  • Looks futuristic