Twin Oaks Tribune

Twin Oaks Middle School

Volume 6, Issue 9

Christie Bauer and Sara Murr Present at the History Center

Christie and Sara presented to 60 teachers at the Northern Lights Teacher Academy on Monday, Nov. 11. Their topic was called “Engaging Student Activities”. They shared with other MN Studies teachers what they do with the curriculum to increase student engagement. As a result of their fine presentation, they were invited to return next year. Thanks Christie and Sara for sharing your expertise with colleagues from across the state.
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Twin Oaks Teacher of the Year Candidates

Thank you to so many of you who nominated your colleagues for this year's teacher of the year. It was such a great recognition of the outstanding teaching staff that we have here at Twin Oaks, and so important that so many folks were acknowledged for their contributions. A special congratulations to Laurie Friedges for being selected to represent the many fine teachers here for the 2015-2016 school year, she is certainly deserving of this special recognition.
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Nature Based Preschool visits our Earthlings

After school on Tuesday, preschoolers from Edgewood walked over and got to visit a middle school science classroom. The preschoolers learned about a variety of animals from the middle school earthlings. These photos are priceless and it is so fun to see our students serving as mentors to younger students. It was a great success and we are hopeful to continue the relationship and have more connections this school year. Thanks to Jennifer Clemmerson for coordinating this effort.

8th grade WEB Leaders visit 6th grade Primetimes

Our 8th grade WEB leaders brought a very powerful message to our 6th graders this week by using toothpaste as their analogous tool. Their message was “it is easy to say something or act in a way to harm others, but it is much harder to take it back”

The toothpaste coming out was easy---but getting the toothpaste back in the tube almost impossible!

Thanks to Meghan Chappuis for sharing these photos and this summary with me.

Veteran's Day

As part of recognizing Veteran's Day this week, Alison Zak had her students watch videos about the history of Veteran's Day, made blankets, cards, and a video to give to veterans at a Wisconsin Veteran's home where her grandma lives. Check out the video here, and the pictures below.

Early Release Day Staff Meeting Sharing

Quote of the Week (I really like this quote from the famous coach, John Wooden)

"“Young people need models, not critics.”

– John Wooden

The Week Ahead (American Education Week)

  • Bagels in the staff lunchroom. 7 AM to Kickoff American Education Week
  • Start of Quarter 2
  • Staff Meeting-Dr. Staloch visits
  • School Board Data Retreat, 5 PM


  • Laker Pride Day
  • School Board Rep. Dan White visits (during lunch times)
  • Learning Team Meetings, 2:15
  • Leadership Team Meeting, 3:10 PM
  • Cookie Dough Pick-Up, 2-6 PM

  • Student Council Activity Night, 2:15-3:45