Before going to Canada, learn all about it!

Canada Map

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Where does people live in Canada?

Picture at right shows Canada's population. Black-shaded area means there are none to very few people in the area. As you can see, most of Canada is covered with black shade, and most Canadians live close to border with America(Ontario, Quebec or British Columbia). They live near southern border, because it gets colder as move closer to north. Also because Canadian exports account for greater than 80% of trade to the USA, and greater than 50% of their imports from the USA.

Quebec's Independence Movement

There is two culture in Canada, Franch and British. French-Canadians mainly live in Quebec. Many French-Canadians by 1960s wanted independence, and called themselves Quebecois instead if Canadian. They were afraid that their culture and laguage might disappear. They were also tired of feeling like second class citizens. Those who want to seperate Quebec from Canada is called separatist. In 1980 & 1995, they voted whether to separate or not. Anti-sparatist voted 50.6% and won. Since Quebec is very important (natural resources, economic profit, trading, etc.), Canada adopeted Consitutional Act in 1982, to make separatist happy. Consitutional Act promise these; Set up two official languages (English & French), and moved all consitutional power from Great Britain to Cananda. But separatist still want Quebec independent. And they're still trying - even now.

By Hannah Ahn

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