Night Of The Twisters

by ivy ruckman


Dan Hatch is the main character in the book.

Linda Hatch is Dan's mom in the book.

John Hatch is Dan's dad in the book.

Ryan Hatch is Dan's baby brother in the book.

Grandpa Hatch is Dan's Grandpa in the book.

Grandma Hatch is Dan's grandma in the book.

Aunt Goldie is Dan's aunt and Linda's older sister in the book.

Arthur Darlington is Dan's best friend And is the smartest kid in the book in the book.

Stacy Darlington is Arthur's 14 year old sister and Dan's crush in the book.

Ronnie Vae Darlington is Arthur's 10 year old sister in the book.

Belle Smiley is Dan's Neighbor in the book.

night of the twisters

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Night Of The Twisters

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problem and solution

Problem: The water pipes were broken .

Solution : they drank sodas

The kitchen was destroyed.

the people gave some of there food.

Dan's house was destroyed.

Arthur and Dan's family went to grandma and grandpa hatch's house to stay .

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A string of seven tornadoes devasated this central Nebraska city last night , killing four persons and injuring 134.

Initial reports said five person were killed, and one county official said this morning that she thought more than 30 bodies had been found. . . .

The city was battered by the tornadoes over three hour period. When they were over, a six block wide swath along Grand Island's two Main Streets was devastated.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration said that. 513 homes and 60 business had been destroyed. In addition, 450 homes and 15 businesses were damaged. . . .

Radar indicated that the tornadoes that hit Grand Island were touched off by thunder storm cell at least 35 miles wide that formed shortly before 8 P.M.

Associated Press, June 4, 1980

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The setting of the book Night Of The Twisters was in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Seven tornados were hit in Grand Island, Nebraska some where around the 1980's.

The most popular in Grand Island, Nebraska attractions are :

  • Saint Paul Historical Village
  • Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball
  • Edgerton Explorit Center
  • Morman island State Recreation Area
  • Fort Kearny state historiclol park
  • Children's Museum Of Central Nebraska

2 out of 7 tornados were anticyclonic

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The book is about how Dan and his family and friend survived two tornados out of 7 in grand island.Arthur and Dan were watching TV while mom was sewing grandma's birthday dress. Then a tornado watch pop up came on the TV . mom said it wasn't important the a few minutes later a tornado warning came on TV so mom said that

she wanted to check on miss smiley so she told them to put the blankets in the basement while she goes checks on miss smiley then before she left she said to make sure to go down in the basement when the siren goes on. so an half an hour later the siren went on put when Dan remembered about Ryan he went up and got him and went to the bathroom because it was to late to go to the basement and he remembered that his dad said that the bathroom is the safest place. so then after the tornado was done they were trapped until Stacy found Arthur and Dan so than they went to miss smiley house and found Mrs. hatch 's car and than a bus came and Dan found his mom than she told what happened then they went to Kmart then they went to miss smiley's house and they found her in the basement sleeping some mattress then a officer Kelly said that she will take them to the women's jail then there was a flood and the second tornado was starting then officer Kelly got splattered by glasses so then the officer couldn't see so he let Dan drive the police car until they got to the women's jail so then they went to the women's jail cell and Stacy went to play with on of the other babies Arthur went to sleep then Dan went to wash his face but the pipes weren't working so then Stacy, Arthur, and Dan were sleeping on one bed the next day they all woke up and they were trying to look for there parents so first they went to one of the shelters ad found Arthur and Stacy's dad then they all said goodbye and Dan went to find his parents and Ryan so first he went to Kmart but they weren't there so he went to is house so on the way he found parents and Ryan so then for one year later the Darlington family was very large so they split up Arthur and Dan had to spend there time at Grandma and grandpa Hatch's house because the homes were still getting built so that is THE END OF THE STORY !!!!

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