School Counselor Newsletter

January 2015

10 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying

This month in classroom guidance we will continue to discuss the topic of bullying. Listed below are 10 ways to help your child overcome bullying.

1) Create an environment where your child feels safe talking to you.

2) Make a commitment to help resolved the issue

3) Discuss the bullying incident in detail with school personnel

4) Emphasize that your goal is to see that your child feels safe at school

5) Consider a referral for your child to the counselor

6) Encourage your child to stick with a friend

7) Teach your child skills for overcoming the negative impact of bullying

8) Keep the lines of communication open with your child

9) Foster opportunities for socializing with kids outside of school

10) Follow up with the school to ensure that the bullying has been resolved

For more information about these 10 strategies please click below

Learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and how to make change in the World

3rd-5th graders watched pieces of a video "Mighty Times: A Children's March" during classroom guidance. This video discussed the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama children's march for civil rights. The classes discussed what school issues they felt were important enough to peacefully protest. While having no homework did make the list, all classes chose bullying as the number one issue they would want to take action on in their school. As a part of this unit about bullying and making change in the World we will be helping students to peacefully protest bullying. Students will be making posters about being kind to others and not bullying. On a scheduled day students will be peacefully protesting bullying behavior and walking from King St. through ASU's campus. We will then enjoy lunch in the ASU dining hall. We are excited to be doing this multi-grade project!
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Souper Bowl of Caring

January 26th - January 30th we will be the annual food collection. Please send in canned goods for the Western Watauga food pantry (to be opening soon). The winning class will have the privilege of throwing a pie in Mrs. Welch's face during National School Counselor Week in February.

Parent Academy: Skip Watts -Anyone Can Go to College!!

Monday, Feb. 9th, 6pm

Mabel School Rd

Zionville, NC

Skip Watts from the College Foundation of NC will be here to talk about how to afford college, what college options are out there (community college, technical school, and 4 year) and how to prepare your child now to be ready to enter the 21st century workforce.

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Dads and Doughnuts

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 7:30pm

Mabel School Rd

Zionville, NC

Come enjoy some doughnuts and fellowship with your children. Sign up for a time while you are here!!!

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Career Cafe opens at Mabel!

December 2014 Mabel School officially launched Career Cafe! This is an opportunity for students in grades 3-5 to listen to guest speakers come and talk about their careers. Students took a career interest inventory when they returned from break and are invited to hear the speakers based on their career interest inventory summary. Please see below for a list of upcoming speakers. We are adding all the time so if you or someone you know would like to come and share their career please e mail me!

January 16th: Harold McKinney - Professional Musician

January 21st: Jason Cornett - Watauga County Sheriff's Department

January 26th: Northfork Farms - Farming and Business Management

February 6th: Christy Welch - National School Counselor Week

March 6th: Arthur Merschat - Geology Professor

March 18th: Sherrie Norris - Editor of All About Women Magazine

**More to come!