Over the Hump

by: Father Charlie

September 11, 2019

I am sad sometimes because we seem to be so accustomed to tragedy and death that, when things happen, we don’t give much attention to it any more.

I was in Oklahoma several years ago and visited the memorial of the bombing there. Across the street from the memorial was a giant statue of Jesus looking away from the bombing and a plaque that read “Jesus Wept”

I visited the 9/11 memorial, just recently, and as I traveled through that museum, through the devastation and made my way into the place of three walls with all 3000 pictures of those, who, when they got up that morning, did not think that they would be in heaven before the day was over.

Those we saw jumping out of windows were sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, of all races. I wonder what they were praying about as they left this world. I did read a message left by a father which I shared a few weeks back . “I love you. from Dad”, that was found in the wreckage. As i continued through the memorial, I could feel the pain of both Jesus and God. Perhaps they were both weeping, as they watched modern people 21st century, people still dealing in violence, and war.

I did see some people weeping, as they traveled with me, through the memorial. As I went, I felt a sense of resolve for our country, as we are healing from this tragedy. We are the ‘Comeback Kids’.

Isaiah’s prophecy, written so long ago, has still yet to be fulfilled “they shall beat their swords into plowshare and spears into pruning hooks and man will learn war no more.“

God! I hope so, But until then lets roll them (93)


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