The Black Cat

By Edgar Allen Poe

Black Cats and Animals

As a kid, he loved animals. He was kind, caring and loving. Being married early, he was very happy with all sorts of animals living with him. His favorite, was a silky black cat named Pluto.

Years Go By

Though he loves Pluto, he begins to suffer from violent mood swings, mostly due to the influence of alcohol. He takes to mistreating not only the other animals but also his wife. During this horrible rage, he spares only Pluto. After returning home quite drunk one night, the narrator lashes out at Pluto. Believing the cat has avoided him, he violently grasps the cat, only to be bitten on the hand. In demonic retaliation, the narrator pulls a penknife from his pocket and cuts out one of the cat’s eyes.

Characters In The Story

The Black Cat

What will happen?

Feeling only slight remorse from gouging out Pluto's eye, he feels dread for the creature. As the story goes on, what will he do as his violent mood swings grow even more violent?

The Black Cat