Europe's Finest Countries!

By: Sarah Zimbelman

In this smore, I will be giving facts and information about three countries in Europe, Ireland, the United Kingdon, and Switzerland!


The Irish population ranges from around 4, 775,00 and 4,800,00! The currency is in Euro's, which is $1.36 of a US Dollar. As of now, Michael D. Higgins is the president and has been since 2011. One of the major Irish musicians is Niall Horan, from the band called One Direction. Lastly, Ireland's main exported brand is Diageo, which is a whiskey company.


In Switzerland, there are about 8 million people! Ueli Maurer is the president since 2011. There language varies from German to French and to Italian. One of there most famous brands is Nestle. One of the famous cultral foods are there Brunsli, or Swiss brownies. Their currency is Swiss Franc which is about $1.10 US Dollars.