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ALBIT on Potatoes - Samuel Y. C. Essah, Ph.D. Colorado State University Center, CO USA

ALBIT: In-Furrow on Canela Russset Potatoes During Planting 2016

- Stimulates Sprouting

- Accelerates Root Development

- Increase Sprout Emergence

- Enhances Stem Numbers from 2 to 3 per Plant

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Effect of Albit on % Sprout Emergence of Canela Russet Potatoes 2016

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Effect of ALBIT on Increasing Tuber Bulking (126 DAP) 2016

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ALBIT: Increases Macro Nutrient Uptake 2017

Albit: Increases Micro Nutrient Uptake 2017


Albit was observed to influence the uptake of macro and micro nutrients, mostly during early tuber bulking. It was interesting to note that application of Albit could regulate the uptake of micro nutrients such as boron so as not to reach toxicity levels in the plant.

~Samuel Y.C. Essah, Ph.D

Results and Discussion 2017

Stem Numbers and Tuber Set

Application of ALBIT increased stem number of Canela Russets from 2 stems per plant to 3 stems per plant. Tuber set of Canela Russets was increased from 7 tubers per plant to 8 and 10 tubers per plant for “foliar only” and “in-furrow + foliar” treatments, respectively.

This finding is very significant for Russet potatoes that have a drawback of producing fewer stem and tuber numbers.

Tuber Bulking

“Foliar only” treatment enhanced tuber bulking, as evidenced by the increased tuber fresh weight at the mid to late tuber bulking stage [from 100 days after planting (DAP).

Tuber Yield and Tuber Size Distribution

Total and marketable tuber yields responded positively to supplemental ALBIT application. Application of ALBIT increased total tuber yield by 8% and 4%, for “foliar only” and “in-furrow + foliar” treatments, respectively. “Foliar only” application of ALBIT increased marketable (> 4 oz.), large size marketable (> 6 oz.), and medium size (4-10 oz.) tubers by 9%, 7%, and 16%, respectively.

Tuber Quality

Application of ALBIT resulted in no tuber external defects in this study. Where no ALBIT was applied, it was observed that 1.1% of the tubers showed external defects. Tuber specific gravity was not impacted by the treatments in this study.

Bulk Marketable Result

Improvement in yield 3 200 lbs./ac @ $ 9.75/100 lbs. = $ 312/ac

Return on Investment

For every 1 DOLLAR SPENT there was a 13 DOLLAR RETURN

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