Financial Crisis In College

Stressing About Financial Problems Before College ?

The Money Conflict

Overall one of the biggest factors that cause stress through college is the cost of education.The average cost of college is about $10,000-$33,000 per semester. Coming from not having to pay for education in high school to paying plenty of thousands just to earn a degree and career is extremely stressful.If you think loans will ease the stress think again you will still be in debt regardless.One of the most common ways to get to easy money in college is to get a loan but then you still have to pay that back. 64 percent of college students used loans to help pay for college. The cost of college is a prolonged issue .The pressures of student loan debt and finding ways to make ends meet are weighing down college students.


One of the solutions that I believe would help financial problems in college would be to get educated about the money you will have to spend in the future or money you would have to borrow. When you educated about something you have the advantage over the next person because you are aware of what’s going on. Inceptia is a online program that educates not only students but the school also.Inceptia helps schools by offering them an in depth financial assessment to determine the financial health of students and faculty. Inceptia then develops a customized program which includes online financial education and financial education seminars that helps them become financially responsible adults.

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