Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian Devils are small Australian Marsupials.


Tasmanian devils are native Australian marsupials.

The scientific name for the tasmanian devil is sarcophilus harris. Tasmanian Devils are mainly found in Tasmania. Tasmanian Devils have very sharp strong jaws so their prey can't escape. Their brown eyes help them see in the night if they are looking for food. Tasmanian devils are carnivores which means they eat meat. The type of meat they eat is from wombats, wallabies, bilbies, birds and sometimes they eat insects. It takes 19 - 25 days for a baby Tasmanian Devil to be born. A joey is born like a human baby and then crawls into the mother's pouch. They will stay with their mum for 9 months until he/she is old enough to go off on their own.

Tasmanian Devils are endangered because of a facial cancer and the government is working to help them.