The Juliano Journal

Week of March 14-18

Dear Families,

Hello! Our class has worked very hard the past two weeks completing their PARCC testing. I could not be prouder of all of the students in our class! It will be so nice to return to our regular routine next week. I can't wait!

Good news! Our class earned another Golden Paw for their excellent behavior! That is two Paws in the last three weeks! Amazing! We celebrated on Friday by having a party with Miss Houk's class who had also just earned a Paw. It was so much fun!

The students have been busy practicing for the music program that they will be performing on April 20th. Mr. Muehling sent home a note about this a couple of weeks ago. If your child would like to practice at home, he/she can visit the following website:

The webpage will ask for a password. The password is "Wonders2016"

The students are already so excited for this performance!

Have an awesome weekend!

Mrs. Juliano


Language Arts

We started a new unit in our English/Language Arts curriculum on Wednesday. In this unit, students will be exposed to different types of genres including myths, fables and folktales. We began by reading several myths and determining the central message or theme found in each story.

Our students have feverishly been working on completing their autobiographies. They have been doing such a nice job. I can't wait to see the published versions of these stories.


On Thursday we returned to our regular math curriculum. We will complete our fraction unit on Monday. There will be an assessment on this unit on Wednesday, March 23rd . Your child will bring home a study guide on Monday to assist him/her in reviewing for this test.


In science this week, we began to investigate how changing the temperature of water may change its properties. We used a homemade thermometer to discover what happens to water when it is heated and also what happens when the water gets cold. We used terms like expand and contract. Next week we will be talking about the density of hot and cold water.

important dates

March 21 Art to Remember orders due

March 25 No school

March 28 -April 1 Spring Break

April 4 Spring Pictures

let's hear from our mvp!

Ryland says,

"I like the math PARCC test because I love math. I was excited to have a "double" party!"
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