Tang Dynasty

By Samantha Keller and Maddie Passerella

Ecomonics By Samantha Keller

The main jobs during the Tang dynasty were farmers, porcelain making, paper- making, tea leaf processing, shipbuilding, and metal making. The Tang dynasty was also all about trade. They traded foodstuffs, salts, tea, medicine, textiles, gold and silver, steel, wool carpets, sugar, pottery, ivory, and silk. The Tang dynasty traded silk and many other products along the silk road. But the silk road was not the only way they traded. They also traded with the Persians, Greeks, Syrians, and Romans by way of the Grand Canal.

Politics by Maddie Passerella

If you were a dynasty in China what would you be doing in your free time? If i were a dynasty i would try my best to find more advances in technology and science. Did you know that the Tang dynasty made tea drinking more popular. The tang dynasty was the one who found bananas. They didn’t like Tang. The reason for that is, he started so many wars and most people hated or disliked that. Tang highered the taxes. He managed to halt the rebellion. From that the government never really recovered from that. The military had a lot of power over Tang. For that Tang became more powerful because of the military. The military came up with a lot of ways to control the court along with Tang.

Inventions and Technology By Samantha Keller

The Tang dynasty invented many things that we still use today. Some of those things are paper from trees, calligraphy, and gunpowder. However they also invented many things that have not survived throughout the ages including meridian line, paddies (flooded fields to grow rice), pumps, and many instruments.

Science and Architecture By Samantha Keller

The people of the Tang dynasty were amazing architects. They built their capital Chang’an which was 5 miles long. Inside was homes, gardens, markets, temples, and an imperial palace. Also the Tang built many tombs for the imperial families.

Religion\Culture\Social life By Maddie Passerella

Buddhism was what they encouraged. They Strongly discouraged Confucianism. The Tang was tolerant with many beliefs. Tang did a lot of poetry. It was extremely important for him. He was known as the king of poetry. Poetry was forced to be taught. It was also considered a talent. Did you know that they did a lot of kite flying? There thing was silk. Most people were farmers. The city was arranged in blocks. Boys went to school while girls stayed home and made silk with there moms.