Sandy Hook Incident

Will Hargis

The Incident

Who: Adam Lanza + Kids/Teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary

What: 26 deaths, including 20 kids and 6 adults, were shot and killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School

When: December 14, 2012

Where: Newtown, Connecticut

Media Portrayals

1. There was possibly a second gunman who was put in the back of a police car. The second shooter was never identified.

2.The shooter's mother was a teacher at the elementary school. It was widely reported that the shooter had targeted his mother and her class. But Nancy Lanza was found shot dead in her home, and the school's superintendent said she never worked there.

Media Biases

Bias by omission: The media is biased towards gun control because they focus on the fact that a single man (whom had mental issues) was able to obtain a gun/s to kill young children. The media eludes the fact that a lot of people use guns for protection. They are only caught up in the sympathy that everybody feels for the kids, which is understandable.


Archetypal: Adam Lanza is obviously the antagonist in this incident and the kids/teachers are the protagonists. To further this, Adam Lanza is the evil, crazy person whom everybody hates. The kids and teachers are the innocent bunch whom everybody feels bad for.


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