Where's Santa?

By Haley Hochstetler

"Christmas is next week... Hurry!" Called the head Elf. (Matthew)

"Were trying but It's just so hard! Called another Elf.

"Ow this dumb present broke my nail!" Whined Judy. (Another Elf)

"Don't be so grumpy everyone... Be happy it's almost Christmas!" Said Freddy the youngest Elf.

"Yeah..." Agreed all the Elves.

"Well I am going to go to Santa's office to go get some extra screws for the scooters." Said Matthew.

Everybody had just started to wrap gifts again when... Matthew bursts out the door of Santa's office.

"Like what is going on?" Said Judy.

"Are we all out of screws?" Added another.

"What is it! Is it good? Is it bad? Oh wait let me guess! Oh wait no you tell me first! Is it about Christmas? Or is it..." Said Freddy

Freddy was all red in the face and he was so breathless that he could only get out the words, "It's Santa."

"WHAT!!!!!!" Cried the Elves.

"Yes I have found this letter." Choked Matthew.

Freddy took the letter and began to read aloud.

We have taken Santa. You will never be able to find him! There will be no Christmas anymore!

"Oh no! We have to save him!!!" Cried Freddy.

"No way what if we get kidnapped too were going home." Cried all the Elves.

"You better go home too Freddy your too small to ever find Santa." Said Matthew.

"NO WAY I AM NOT TOO SMALL TO FIND SANTA YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!!" and just like that Freddy walked out the door. "I'll show them all of them!" Grumbled Freddy.

He decided to go back to Santa's office to look for clues. When he walked into the office he right away noticed a note and a green thumbprint. He opened the letter and realized it was in secret code this is what it said: .antaS ees ot tnaw ouy fi reward eht ni kooL .ereh saw hcnirg ehT Huh thought Freddy, well there is a period in the middle of the jumble of words and a capital L, T, and S. "OH I KNOW WHAT IT IS IT'S BACKWARDS!" Said Freddy. It really said: The Grinch was here look in the drawer if you want to see Santa. He went to the drawer and opened it up there was a phone which had a voicemail on it Freddy clicked on it and it began talking it said look for green and look between and maybe you will find Santa once again. Look for green and look between huh. "

Well I know the Grinch is the one behind this so who knows a lot about the Grinch?" thought Freddy. "Oh yeah Grandpa does I'll just ask him!" Thought Freddy.

So he quickly ran to his Grandpa's house. He knocked on the door and when his grandpa answered the door he explained everything.

"Well come in let me ponder this for a little." Said Freddy's grandpa as he took the note and voicemail.

"Let me think green between green between?"

There was silence for a few moments. Until..

"Oh yes, Oh yes how didn't I think of this before!"Chuckled Freddy's Grandpa.

"What is it Grandpa??" Questioned Freddy.

"Oh well the Grinch has a secret layer he tells no one about but one day when I was taking my evening stroll I stumbled upon it and nobody was there so I just walked in and found his layer." Said Freddy's Grandpa.

"So how do you know that that is where he is hiding Santa." Asked Freddy.

"Well he described it perfectly green because practically the whole layer is green, and between because the layer is hidden between two huge boulders." Said Freddy's Grandpa.

"Well what are we waiting on lets get ready." Said Freddy.

Freddy's Grandpa, who was wearing his Christmas pajamas, went upstairs to change. Freddy told his grandpa that they were going to save Santa ,so they decided to get their ammunition ready and soon were on there way.They had walked for quite a while until finally Freddy's Grandpa said. "We're here this is it."

"What!? but Grandpa this is only two boulders." Said Freddy's Grandpa.

Oh no grandson this is it just wait and stick to the plan." Whispered Freddy's Grandpa.

"Okay whatever you say" Freddy replied.

Freddy went to the back of the boulder and the plan was now in motion. From the front of the secret layer, Freddy's Grandpa shouted orders.

In the blink of an eye Freddy's Grandpa flew through the entrance. Freddy followed. Nobody was there so they quietly went over to the next door and there is where they heard the Grinch, his exact words were "Where do you keep your presents! Every year all I get is coal!"

"Oh!" thought Freddy, "All he wants is presents every year all he gets is a lump of coal!"

But just like that Freddy's Grandpa kicked the door open. As the Grinch turned to see who had come in, he got a face-full of chocolate chip cookie. It landed with a hard DOINK.

"How dare you!"Cried the Grinch as he ran to stop him.

"NOW!!" Cried Freddy's Grandpa.

Freddy grabbed the licorice rope and lassoed around the Grinch and tied him up.

Freddy ran and untied Santa.

"Ho Ho Ho thank you Freddy!" Said Santa

"Oh your welcome!" Said Freddy.

"And as for the Grinch you belong in the Present Prison, a place where you have to wrap gifts forever!" Said Santa.

"Oh no please no don't make me wrap gifts for those snotty kids all my days!" Whimpered the Grinch.

Freddy felt really bad and said, "The Grinch made a huge mistake but I think he deserves a 2nd chance everybody makes mistakes I mean the reindeer were mean to Rudolf and now they have changed and Rudolf is one of there best friends now! All he ever wanted was some presents!"

"Ho Ho Ho this lad has a point you wont have to go to the present prison if you promise to always be good and always be jolly and if you do that you will be guaranteed presents at Christmas!" Said Santa.

The Grinch, waving his arms in the air, approached Freddy. Yelling, "Oh Thank you!"

After that the Grinch was always Jolly and good and every Christmas was Merry!

By Haley Hochstetler

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2. Compound Sentence

3. Prepositional Phrase

4. Adverb Clause

5. Appositive Phrases

6. Participial Phrase