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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of May 9, 2016

Final Week of Collaboration

Math Collaboration

Grades 2, 4 and 5 will meet with Susan Knowles, all other Grade levels will collaborate on their own in the Pirate Rooom

Upcoming Events in May

May 10- PAC meeting Date


May 17- Report Cards issued

May 17- Student of the Month/Terrific Timberwolves

May 19-SOL Begins- Grade 4 Reading Part 1

May 20- SOL Grade 4 Reading Part 2

Fifth Grade Field Trip to Yorktown

May 20- Barnes and Noble Night

May 23- SOL- Grade 4 Math part 1

May 24- SOL- Grade 4 Math Part 2

May 25- SOL-Grade 5 Reading Part 1

May 26- SOL- Grade 5 Reading Part 2

May 30- Schools Closed Memorial Day

May 31- SOL -Grade 5 Math Part 1

June 1- SOL -Grade 5 Math Part 2

June 2- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 1

June 3- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 2

A BIG Thanks To...

A big kudos to Keisha and Tammy for such a dynamic lesson on such an important topic! You two are like wonder twins! Thank you Erica for being such a great support this year. I can't imagine a better team teacher! Thank you Sandy for holding down the fort while I'm out with Abby. Thank you Sharon for always being willing to pull resources! Your supplementation makes lessons better. Elizabeth Merce

Kudos to Julia Williams and the cafeteria team for helping us prepare the staff luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and goodies the office received last week from everyone. We definitely felt loved. The Office Staff

Thank you PTA for the yummy treat!! It was so good! - Michelle Klepk

Thank you Tammy and Louise for organizing and implementing yoga for the kinder pups, third graders, and fourth graders. ~Cleghorn

A big Thank You to the PTA. For the ice cream. Mr. French and Mrs. Wilkerson thank you for the awesome lunch. You guys really make us feel appreciated. Vickie Storm

Thank you to Ms. Rymer for teaching our third grade students some yoga techniques to utilize during testing! She was fantastic and the kids had a BLAST! Tammy Schubart

Kudos to Mrs. Slate and Mrs. Fox along with the rest of the PTA board for all they put together for Teacher Appreciation Week! STEP Team

Kudos to our wonderful PTA board and members and Administration for making us all feel so appreciated and loved during teacher appreciation week. Thanks to Michelle Klepk and Elizabeth Merce for the surprise yummy treats. - Keisha

Thanks to Keisha O'Neal for arranging the donation of plants for our learning garden-DF

Thank you Mr. French & Mrs. Wilkerson for the wonderful luncheon & the thoughtful daily treats!!! Thank you to the PTA for having Mr. Softee here, it brought back a lot of childhood memories!!!! Jackie Jackson

This Week's PINS

Happy Birthday!

11-Kimberly Logsdon

15- Lindley Fox

18- Vickie Quisenberry

21 Liz Duffy

24- Deborah Sopher

26- Tamika Knox

Shout it Out! | The Success Series

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Growth Mindset Framing

In order to create a “risk-free” classroom environment where all students are willing to take on challenges and push themselves, it is important to make the focus on learning clear, make it safe to make mistakes and communicate a high confidence in all students’ ability to rise to the learning challenges. Try using the following statements when introducing a new topic, concept, skill or assignment in class.

  • Today’s objective will give everyone an opportunity to stretch.
  • Today, your brain will get stronger.
  • I am hoping you don’t know this already; I wouldn’t want to waste your time.
  • I really want us to stretch beyond our comfort zone on this.
  • After you do this, I am going to ask everyone to share one mistake so we can learn from it.
  • I’d like everyone to share one thing that was confusing with their partner.
  • The point of the lesson is learning; I want to know what parts are unclear so we can all meet our learning target.
  • Today’s learning target is ______, but tomorrow’s goal is ____________.
  • I do not expect you to know this already. I am here to help you learn challenging material.
  • This is very dense/challenging reading material. I am not going to hold you accountable for understanding all of it right away, but I want you to give it a try first.
  • This is just your first draft – you’ll have lots of chances to improve it.
  • You won’t be graded on this – it’s a risk free zone.
  • We’re in the learning zone today. Mistakes are our friends. Thanks ROFO ES

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